Glass: a family tradition


If you are looking for a unique Murano glass object to enrich your home or to give to a special person for a special occasion then LA MURANO GLASS is the right shop for you, quality and professionalism are our best features.


We deal with the production of vases, sculptures, glasses, lamps, jewels, etc …. all made by expert hands of Murano glass masters. Each object produced is a unique piece, being handmade, so shapes, colors and sizes will always be different. This is what characterizes and makes our Murano glass objects special.

Andrea Lanuzza, the owner, boasts decades of experience in the Murano glass sector, a passion handed down from generation to generation. Thanks to this passion he is constantly looking for innovative works worked on the island of Murano, thus establishing day after day new working partnerships with various internationally renowned glass masters.

We therefore invite you to visit our shop, handicrafts of all kinds await only a person like you who is able to appreciate their true artistic value.

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